Monday, 24 May 2010

YAY i actually have some followers pow!

Lily Allen sucking her thumb :) This was fun and speedy. Was part of this module to do with colour where i took fashion images and painted them in fauvist colour pallettes. Particulary like Kees Von Drogen......think thats how you spell it!
Nice and creeeeepy. From project to do with alice in wonderland-should probs upload some of them too!
Love Marc Jacobs adverts by juergen teller- currently watching their book on ebay but it is far too expensive to bid on :( I could probs afford this juergen teller and vivienne westwood book thou :)
This is painting of lola advert. Is square in real life but scanner is not. Am and far too special to cut and paste on photoshop or sumthing :s Like it but need to work on my painting technique style.

ps. can anyone tell me if this perfume is even nice!?the advert makes me want to buy it, good old capitalist advertising. or marc jacobs daisy?

pss. this is when the scanner broke so i shall have to upload these other images another time! a well now i must go put up an exhibition .............. i am the most indecisive person

Thursday, 13 May 2010

hmmm these are all added on the same day...waitaminute does hannah have a deadline!?

These are 8 small, naive illustration books i did. Just 10 illustrations in pencil and colour. Christopher Kane, McQueen, Alexander Wang, Miu Miu, Vivienne Westwood, Chanel, Burberry and Marc basically it just works out as a list of things i want!! :'(
Yay!love hearts! :) These are my own version; painted beer mats with lino print of 10 different sayings including 'cunt', 'i have two dads', 'child support' and 'smack my bitch up' (which you can't see here). As part of the module i'll be distributing these free. I also made stickers earlier in the module which are dotted around town.

I like to cut up/print on mags

yeh, can't tell if i actually like this. Like how you can see texture of canvas though. Dean still has my actually good one from last project!grrrrr


Retro in that these are not very recent! This one's from francis drake, its on my bedroom door and next to the cult bag i've written 'mom i want to join a cult' witty shiz :)

These are a couple from london town!Ob nelson and his column and the outline of the couple was from people watching in national portrait gallery.
Drew this girl from fashion mag, she looked all mona lisa, enigmatic expression so it made sense she was thinking about a vampire

Do these have a link? no, no they don't

at a festival :) cupcake girl was the coolest person there- along with japanese people at the pancake stall yummers

Pimm's o clock!

yay colour

Here's some more drawings from last summer- as you can tell i like the line drawings with random sayings. I still love my fred perrys but they are not that shiny n clean anymore.


First off let me bask in my computer skills- i've created a blog pow! i'm a techno wizard. Here's couple pics from ages ago when i was in air- i feel less guilt if i do a couple sketches cos then it's like i'm working and not just day-drinking :)