Wednesday, 23 March 2011


'Daisy is only 15'

Here is some things i'm currently working on. I love the marc jacobs 'daisy' advert: the pose, type, use of empty space and enlarged, pop-esque perfume bottle. I'm working on deconstructing it and repetition and the obvious connotations with Lolita.

I really like this simple paper cut, was contemplating adding features and a blue background

What is suppose to be a homage to the sunglasses in Kubrick's film!

I think painting over existing photography and images adds an interesting texture and layer. I'm working on collating the images into a zine/book work and surprisingly they all look really good just black and white.

'Delicious all white meat',
I happened to go to mcdonald's that day! Think the brown paper works and links to mcdonald's bags.

I don't usually use fine liner but this gives it a nice strong line that stands out. From here I'm also looking at the idea of newspaper cuttings and murder/rape victims found in fields half-clothed.

an oldie but a goody

'A distorted shadow, a parody of something, some fairytale figure in a red cloak'

This illustration is from my last project on dystopias that i found and actually really like!(shockhorror as an insecure artist!) It derived from a good old printer mistake; when two images were printed on the same side. However i think the red on the right frames the character and the grabbing hands motif add to the connotations of constriction, lack of freedom and touch in 'A Handmaid's Tale'.