Thursday, 11 November 2010


aha i found this today- picture from when i went to new york and this is what my mate heard a local say lol. i'm sure if she'd heard our delectable british diction n accents she'd change her bloody mind n paw at us!btw it was sssooooooooooo cold when i went there, my main memory of statue of liberty was trying to dry n warm up my leaky shoes n dead feet under a handdryer in the bathroom :(

in china they have vending machines with eggs in :) this makes me happy, wanna travel there

they don't really sell these here, for shame. Cadburys is well better!

Thursday, 16 September 2010


Who doesnt love mary-kate!!!??the skinnier, cooler of the olsen twins with her caffiene gluggling, granny chic, pro-fur, acessories drenched style!!! :D i havent got this mag but want it since i already waste money i dont have on fashion mags. Currently on the list= pop, new vogue and tatler/bazaar-whichever had karen elson on the front!

yay! lopsided eyes!kinda good/kinda shabby. I enjoyed the a1 scale and cropped composition.The colour was really hard to get right hence why its not.
This is a painting by stella vine who i love. Its of lady gaga obviously. After seeing her work i started this exaggerated painting of cheryl cole but havent finished it, note: always finish a painting when ur on a role otherwise u never do!
This is a a5  book of lady gagas telephone video. I did a smaller, more eclectic one first and decided i wanted to do more images from this video. Its spose to be a graphic novella type thing.I think some of the images would work well if i scanned n then coloured certain areas in flat colour on illustrator. Lets see if i get round to finishing it!let alone finsihing it without hatred of the work creeping in!lols
on a side note: aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh summers almost over, cannot wait to see friends, sort out new home n go batti during freshers but scared bout the work n my envietable apathy/resentment of it! Going be sooo depressing as it starts to get all dark n cold too bleh!!



The name of this post has nothing to do with it other than i saw  The Runaways last night and the song n dakota fanning n the clothes n kirsten stewart as joan jett rocked!

Sunday, 20 June 2010


Painting of Mouche with one of those horses from the wheels that spin!not a ferris wheel......carousel!!jesus, thats right? Took reference from this fashion ad, cant remember what for-dolce and gabbana i think.

O this is a little small woops! This is some work from project on short book called Love of Seven Dolls, all good clean fun with suicidal girl (mouche) befriending puppets she thinks are real and then  joining the act and being abused and raped by the puppetmaster who she ends up falling in love with and saving :) lol sounds mental but manages to get away with you somehow rooting for the two of them-romance aint dead! Cant remember name of author but should reli read some of his other stuff too!
For my finals i actually did 6 paintings and then randomly did 6 ink illustrations with quotes and hints of red that were more flowing and i of course ended up perferring! ps. finals suck lol This is a scene of Mouche singing along with the puppets in the street at night.
This is the character reynaldo -who is a fox (i hope you can tell) he is all flirty and devious. The quote is 'put out your hand'. The other 4 ink drawings are somewhere in roland levinsky in a plan draw with some of my other work i cant find :s hopes aint binned! o well
Another interpretation of reynaldo (did tonnes). Like the bright red oil pastel.
There was character called Gigi- a bitchy doll with golden ringlets that instantly reminded me of the doll-like Claudia from Interview witha Vampire. I usually need some sort of reference as i bad at coming up with stuff from top of my head-wish i could