Friday, 29 October 2010

I love me some dystopian

My new project's on dystopia, this  is some  early work from letterpress, playing around with  image and type, using evocative words from Brave New World.

The black and red worked worked well for this advert of the pneumatic lara stone. In brave New World 'everyone belongs to everyone else'

Britney looking all doe-eyed and bland artficial soma contentment

Its fun subverting adverts, specially as the models all looked soma-ed up and emotionless most of the time, plus this season 'curvy' and pneumatic is in.

In the book the character Bernard is unusually upset when the woman he likes, Lenina, sees herself as a piece of 'meat' and is happy with it after all her conditioning. Which obvioulsy has undertones in current society and all media with its sex sells/be skinny and perfect messages.

I like the gold of the soma in this one-gives it reverence and religious tones. Plus it could be a repeated wallpaper or something.

These two are from same piece. Love tactile quality of the type in it. The colours are bold and fresh and remind me of the communist propaganda posters of the 50s with their limited palette.

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