Thursday, 16 September 2010


Who doesnt love mary-kate!!!??the skinnier, cooler of the olsen twins with her caffiene gluggling, granny chic, pro-fur, acessories drenched style!!! :D i havent got this mag but want it since i already waste money i dont have on fashion mags. Currently on the list= pop, new vogue and tatler/bazaar-whichever had karen elson on the front!

yay! lopsided eyes!kinda good/kinda shabby. I enjoyed the a1 scale and cropped composition.The colour was really hard to get right hence why its not.
This is a painting by stella vine who i love. Its of lady gaga obviously. After seeing her work i started this exaggerated painting of cheryl cole but havent finished it, note: always finish a painting when ur on a role otherwise u never do!
This is a a5  book of lady gagas telephone video. I did a smaller, more eclectic one first and decided i wanted to do more images from this video. Its spose to be a graphic novella type thing.I think some of the images would work well if i scanned n then coloured certain areas in flat colour on illustrator. Lets see if i get round to finishing it!let alone finsihing it without hatred of the work creeping in!lols
on a side note: aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh summers almost over, cannot wait to see friends, sort out new home n go batti during freshers but scared bout the work n my envietable apathy/resentment of it! Going be sooo depressing as it starts to get all dark n cold too bleh!!

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