Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Va va voom- Paris 2011

Jolie le taxi- Sketchbook cover- it took me so long to remember
if french flag was blue white red or red white blue.......

An artist in the square at montmarte :)

French Pigeon
I'm always drawing pigeons in London too, this is one of my favs- with its shape and character. Usually they're hard to draw cos they are constantly moving

I was loving all the hats and long coats the guys wore in France. This guy wasn't quite so squat and disproportionate in real life!

JE'TAIME- i got these leopard print bad boys in the HnM
sale down the champse elysees, only 10e!!

Little Louvre

Yummy mocha frappucino!!! Which they dont do in my local :( Starbucks wasn't anymore expensive then the other coffee houses which were all expensive so go corporate!

Awwww The City of Love

As my friend said 'smoking is cool in france', vogue menthe filters

Remnants of my pan el chocolate

In one place we went i got cider which arrived in a bowl!
was delicious and only about 2.90 euro, way cheaper then coffee or coke!

What my friend Natasha said to a tourist couple that wanted
in photo taken outside the Notre Dame lol

This is my friend with her awesome polar bear hat- i was always trying to draw and capture her but never quite got it. Here she looks about 6.
I did about a sketchbook and a half of drawings, took a while to warm-up because i was quite lazy and apathetic over christmas with drawing. There's loads more but these are the ones i like more (at the moment!)

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  1. awesome sketches . i LOVE the print patterned shoes