Monday, 24 May 2010

YAY i actually have some followers pow!

Lily Allen sucking her thumb :) This was fun and speedy. Was part of this module to do with colour where i took fashion images and painted them in fauvist colour pallettes. Particulary like Kees Von Drogen......think thats how you spell it!
Nice and creeeeepy. From project to do with alice in wonderland-should probs upload some of them too!
Love Marc Jacobs adverts by juergen teller- currently watching their book on ebay but it is far too expensive to bid on :( I could probs afford this juergen teller and vivienne westwood book thou :)
This is painting of lola advert. Is square in real life but scanner is not. Am and far too special to cut and paste on photoshop or sumthing :s Like it but need to work on my painting technique style.

ps. can anyone tell me if this perfume is even nice!?the advert makes me want to buy it, good old capitalist advertising. or marc jacobs daisy?

pss. this is when the scanner broke so i shall have to upload these other images another time! a well now i must go put up an exhibition .............. i am the most indecisive person

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