Saturday, 14 May 2011

love, love is a verb

Here is (pretty much) the final designs for my valentines cards (i'm aware this important holiday passed a while ago- it's for my final brief) with a couple 'maybes'. Some of the designs, like the 'love' fist and mclovin' work in and on different colours.

Man muscle!
LOVE, this obviously centred on the card!! (is what's printed inside the card :)

Mclovin' collaged onto a semi-nude Lily Donaldson

Mr. Pink

'I have viable ovaries', this design has proven popular with people!

The massive attack lyric on a gucci perfume advert. The electric tape covers the brand name but also lends itself to the embrace and connotations.

The Rolling Stones

Bieber fever never runs out

Only just re-found and added this, i like the painterly vibe and collage

I think the illustrations are an eclectic mix but have my style at the forefront of each so they work as a series that is linked by cut-out type, print and collage.

ps. can you tell my theme's pop culture.

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