Friday, 20 May 2011

trains, planes and automobiles.......... i mean t-shirts, cards and badges!

Diet, because you're fat white t-shirt that i screen printed,
with some nicely pressed creases :s

My beautiful assistant Katey with one of the baby grows Diet, because you're fat.
Supposed to be funny/harsh/ironic as well as commenting on messages on body image starting younger and younger.

Close-up of the design (with one of Katey's dreddies). I wanted the font similar to the one i found in a diet coke advert so it looked real. I wanted it to be quite subtle, though the larger 'diet' does forewarn some sort of play on the brand. I choose white and grey t-shirts because they are classic and the colours of the can- i did contemplate using red, or red on the 'because you're fat' line but thought it would look too harsh aesthetically.

XS size (from good old Primark!)

I want some McLovin' t-shirt. Black on white because I like the strong icon of it. Has zine, low-fi quality I like as well. On Tuesday i'm going back to screen room and will try pink and purple on white as well as black on coloured t-shirts :)

My Valentine's cards packaged. I think they reflect my style and humour.

A close-up of my 35mm badges with 8 different designs.

The set of six, four badges in each.

My business cards.