Friday, 20 May 2011

viable ovaries/ it's poison concertina books

I have the images from this project on this blog somewhere but when i borrowed my friend Katey's SLR camera today i went a bit mad whilst i had the chance to photograph work! See it in it's 3D concertina standing up glory!

Side 1 on A Handmaid's Tale and women's roles in the books as well as current media

Side 2- I like the repetition and zoom-in of the front cover on the first
image. Like the ominous quote in the triptych at the end too.

Soma side 1- looking at soma-like drugs in our life like fast food,
television, religion and alcohol

Side 2- predominately letterpress which was tricky but really fun and
has unique, messy results

The cover slip in the middle of the two books, front facing

The back of the cover slip with the two concertinas, back pages

'A Gramme is better than a damn!'

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