Sunday, 8 May 2011


Here is a series of drawings from a couple nights out and drawn from facebook photos. Quick sketches and line drawings of poses, dances, moments and lots of drinks! Working on editing and collating into small perfect-bound book. Want it to be observational with a bit of humour and not too neat or heavy hitting.

Paper cut type on found paper

My friend Sophie Bannister pulling some shapes

mmmmmm VK drink (bleh!)

The classic two drinks situation a.k.a 'double-parked'.
Have myself even triple-parked, gets tricky

Something that is true of me and a lot of people.
Should make it two part with- 'i smoke a lot'

During MIA song :)

Toulouse Latrec legs, at this point i was a little tipsy
myself. I like the results though!

My 10E shoes from Paris :)


You should always have a back up plan!

This was actually a very speedy sketch of my friend
dancing but my tutor thought it was two people embracing.
I like when people see things differently.

Also from MIA song

Morning after feeling/ please stop taking my photo as
I'm only gonna have to untag them

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